Military certifications are important because it means we can work with a certain level of technology, which is especially important across the military.

We have extensive experience carefully selecting the appropriate materials depending on the function and purpose of the printed circuit board. We understand that the types of high-quality PCBs used in military projects must adhere to rigorous, time-sensitive standards and acceptance criteria.

We have worked on the following types of projects within the military:

  • Monitoring and communication equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Flight systems
  • Hardware
  • Sensors

Our military certifications include:

  • ISO 9001
  • AA9100 S/B AS9100
  • MIL-PREF-31032 1-4 MIL PRF 31032 1-4
  • MIL-PREF-55110 MIL PRF 55110
  • MIL-PREF-50884 MIL PRF 50884
  • J-STD-001 ES
  • ITAR DDTC registered


National Defense Contractor Case Study

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